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Hello there! I’m Jocelyn and I’m the book nerd and creative behind Geeekalicious, a small handmade business dedicated to repurposing books into unique fashion accessories for my fellow bookworms. I create a range of bookish things including book purses and wallets, book page pencil cases and jewellery. Absolutely everything I make starts with a second-hand book (or preloved, as I like to call them), from that one book: the cover is transformed into a purse or wallet and the book pages are used to make book page wallets, pencil cases, coin purses, and jewellery featuring little snippets of pages. Once I’m done, that one book can then be enjoyed by many different people in their day to day lives, and its precious stories can live on with each creation. My aim is to use the entirety of each book with nothing going to waste, and I’m constantly brainstorming new ideas and new uses for left over book pages.  

Why do I do what you do?

Repurposing is my passion! As a lifelong lover of books, I find it heartbreaking that so many books are discarded and end up in landfill each year. I wanted to give these books a second chance at life, a new purpose, while also creating something unique for my fellow book lovers to enjoy. That moment when someone picks up one of my book wallets and realises it’s not actually a book, it’s in fact, a WALLET — !!!! —that moment of excitement is why I do what I do.